Your taste to luxury


Discover your taste to luxury and step into the world of sophisticated lifestyle. Aurosa introduces a new gem among lagers, Aurosa Gold. Through meticulous combining of the highest quality ingredients we created a premium beer of golden color, which we dressed in black marble.

Savor the herbal bitterness, subtle sharpness and complex, medium body – this lifestyle beer brings a new enjoyment to all your senses.

aurosa beer

Energetic, mysterious and confident, Aurosa Gold is much darker and more dynamic than her delicate sister Aurosa #beerforher. Indulge in the darkest of nights with Aurosa Gold.

Aurosa Gold- 10° blond lager
4,5% alcohol
330 ml

We must confirm that you are of legal drinking age in your country before welcoming you to Aurosa. If there is no other legal age for consuming alcohol in your country, you must be over 18.

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