In the heart of Europe, at the very east of the Czech Republic, in a picturesque castle Rychvald, Aurosa was born - gracefully feminine and very delicious beer.

This is not an ordinary beer. It's a lifestyle for women. Women, who knew how to adapt to the speed of the male world, but chose to maintain their delicate and very mysterious character. All of them are able to appreciate the quality of the Czech products as well as the quality of their graceful lifestyle.

And this graceful lifestyle and their femininity are supported by the elegant glass of chilled Aurosa.



Aurosa is a product of a country that is known for its good quality in the brewery area. Our brand was customized to the needs of women, despite the fact that the beer industry is rather masculine affair. This unpasteurized and unfiltered beer is brewed with love of a family brewery, which is located in the castle Rychvald. Hereby Aurosa gained a unique, unmistakably strong taste that was adapted to the elegance of women. The Aurosa beer is the epitome of the contrast between the world of a strong man and a woman delicacy.

Come to visit our AUROSA CZECH DESIGN SHOP Pohořelec 141/14 Praha Hradčany




Vinohradská 48, 120 00 Praha 2

HeadquartersAurosa s.r.o., Pohořelec 140/15 - Praha 11800, Česká republika. Společnost je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku, vedeného Městským soudem v Praze oddíl C, vložka 249186, IČO: 04529154

Contactinfo@aurosa.cz, martinasmira@aurosa.cz
Adresa: Aurosa Czech Design Shop, Pohořelec 141/14
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Jedním z našich hlavních úkolů je zajistit, aby naše pivo bylo užito zodpovědně. Prosím potvrďte nám, že jste dosáhli zákonného věku pro pití alkoholu v České Republice, než Vás přivítáme na stránkách Aurosy.

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