This unique beer brand came to life in a land with a rich history of beer brewing. Our secret lies in combining this ancient tradition with diligent care and fresh approach. Born and brewed in castle Rychvald in the eastern part of Czech Republic, Aurosa was destined for sophistication and elegance. Treated with love and bottled in timeless design, the nature of Aurosa will turn any event, celebration, or gathering into a festive moment. Welcome to the world of Aurosa.


We live for art and design – this passion stood behind the creation of our flagship product Aurosa #beerforher and later naturally became the essence of the new Aurosa Gold. Aurosa is not just some kind of beer, it’s also a detail enlivening your interior decor, a vase for fresh-cut flowers, a piece of art. Aurosa is a lifestyle only waiting to be discovered by you.

We must confirm that you are of legal drinking age in your country before welcoming you to Aurosa. If there is no other legal age for consuming alcohol in your country, you must be over 18.

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